• Illustration of female's head and shoulders, resting hand with elegant fingers and brightly painted nails on her chin. The female pictured has dark streaked hair, blue eyeshadow, and shocking pink lipstick to match her nails. She has a daisy in her hair and the background is dense layered, heavily staylised and colourful daisies whose individual petals echo painted finger nails. Her skin is very pale in stark contrast to her dark hair and colourful make up.
  • The same cartoon women from the previous slide, this time she has a very bronzed complexion She stands on a sandy beach next to a beach umbrella whic has alternating pink and white panels. There is a sailing boat in the far distance sailing on a clear blue sea. The sky is cloudless and blue. In the shade of the beach umbrella is the Sienna X logo. Above it is text declaring, The Beauty Lounge puts tanning in the shade.
  • A bird's eye view of the Beauty Lounge treatment room. To the right of the picture is the treatment table on which a client can be fully reclined, to the right is the table and chairs for treatments where the client does not need to lay down. The room is decorated in a relaxing green colour with a dark sideboard to the back wall. On the right hand wall are racks of various vibrantly coloured bottles of nail coatings. The floor is covered with a beige colour carpet with a woolly mat in the middle of the floor bearing the 'The Beauty Lounge' logo.

Welcome to The Beauty Lounge

The Beauty Lounge is a luxurious, dedicated home based salon, offering a full range of professional beauty treatments.

Using market leading products, techniques and equipment to meet all your beauty requirements. We are conveniently located close to the airport, motorway and town centre with easy free parking.

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Full range of beauty treatments for any occasion, using leading brands & latest styles & techniques.

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Sunless tanning avoiding the potentially harmful effects of UV from the Sun or sunbeds.

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Step out in style with a cost saving luxury head to toe beauty package which makes you feel a cool million!

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It don't mean a thing is you ain't got that bling! Twinkle toes for real, it is the the way that you feel.

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We do encourage feedback from our clients as there is no better promotion than that of a word of mouth from a happy customer.

Please check out the recommendations from a small cross section of my contented and beautiful customer base.